ROCKET ARENA but IN REAL LIFE! 🚀 FGTeeV vs MISSILE (Gameplay Challenge)

14-Iyl, 2020
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We will all miss DUDDZ! Whoops, no spoilers!! Thanks to EA and #RocketArena for sponsoring this video! Download Rocket Arena today on PC (Origin, Steam) PS4 and Xbox one: #sponsoredbyEA
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4:13 IRL Challenge Part 1: The Toilet Paper
8:24 IRL Challenge Part 2: The Toaster
12:00 IRL Challenge Part 3: The Puppy OLLIE the Mini Golden Doodle
15:58 IRL Challenge Part 4: The Watermelon
20:14 IRL Challenge Part 5: The ROCKET 😱
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  • He pressed a lot of buttons to make him look good

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  • Hey Duddy use Mystena or others.

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  • Uhhh why all the time he where a hat?

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  • His me name is nader

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  • I love you guys you are so cool😎 and I love your video's ❤❤🥰🥺BTW I'm a big fan of yours ❤

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  • Weary genie genie the owk

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  • No cap 🧢 u da best

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  • Did anyone else see ZEROxFUSIONZ? This is the first time I have seen another UZworldr that I've subscribed too on another UZworldrs video.

    Erika JonesErika Jones16 kun oldin
  • Does Duddz no he was playing with nick eh30. He kept calling him nicky lol

    RideN Review808RideN Review80817 kun oldin
  • ok

    lubna zabalawylubna zabalawy17 kun oldin
  • do fortnite create

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  • Play Spider-Man

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  • you r funi fgtv

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  • Think noodles is that you and ask you to please thankk I don’t like when you’re screaming at the FgeeTV But your gaming videos is so good

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  • ._.wat dady

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  • I can’t be the only one that saw AfroSenju XL

    The WeirdestThe Weirdest26 kun oldin
  • fgteev play more fortnite

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  • It is midnight at my house

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  • I was playing roblox I found Dislikers

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  • No one calls him duddy

    super sonic boomsuper sonic boomOy oldin
  • First off I know he didn't belong to space because he told me just added that part and all that to walk and they didn't actually shoot it but if he got born to space to cook the day I have said it or the Mom the camera was outside so yeah

    Russhad BrunsonRusshad BrunsonOy oldin
  • I love duddy

    Tariq MahmoodTariq MahmoodOy oldin
  • i the only one who heard him say the n word? Go to 7:00 to hear it yourself if you don't believe me

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  • Dudz whats your real name

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  • I like that video

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  • He just said a bad word in the 2 second round

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  • Omg

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  • I like that game

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  • it's ok DUDDY

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  • good luck DUDDZ

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  • Hi fgeev my name is Jacob and my brother name is Ronald and it's called it's called hm H&M HM H&M tell to shnwn to Roblox kitty chapter 4 tomorrow 👨❤

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  • Did anyone else see afro senju XL in here???

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  • if you don't for give me i will not Subscribe all the thin

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  • I just faun a new update is Cal Jeff play new

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  • Fgteev

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  • your awsome

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  • one missle costs $22,000 so if anybody actually believes that edit here yea go.

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    • I’m fat

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  • Big noodles you or Dare I love you I love you don’t you just show me how do you just get the the the the the shark ending on aquarium and I love you so much so so so I can I really want to live next to you house and I like your dog but can you pigs is more better and it’s also do🐁 I cannot see a hamster animals emoji so I have to do a rat because because a I don’t see a hamsteroh I forgot is there a emoji yeah I was kidding or no how do you see that word no I cannot see that

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  • It makes sense that this is a EA game, cause it looks and feels a lot like PVZgardenwarfare

    Elias AltmimiElias AltmimiOy oldin
    • Rnb5ßarthe

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  • Play pubg please make your own character and write your own name

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  • when i watched this video i saw nothing it was all chaos

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  • when i watched this video i saw nothing it was all chaos

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  • That bomb blew you off I'm sorry but I saw you on the TVLego bomb blew you up like so you're dead you're dead you're so dead fgteev 👍

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  • That’s a famous youtuber

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  • Duddy played with zeroxfusions he s also a youtuber

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