ROBLOX PIGGY SPONGE Ghost Ship ESCAPE + I Found Out Why He's EVIL!! (FGTeeV Chapter 3 Horror Game)

4-Iyn, 2020
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SPONGE BOB has gone mad and I am pretty sure I know WHY!!! We are playing Chapter 3, the Ghost Ship. Thumbs up for moldy Sponges & the 74th Roblox Gameplay!
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  • Can you play sponge again

    Devan coolDevan cool9 soat oldin
  • img tis is fon

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    Alexis HAlexis H2 kun oldin
  • hi

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  • Spionge bobs plays sponge piggy in this games is toys!?😊

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  • fgteev play Spong 5 and 4 at 3am!!!!!?

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  • Fgteev is so funny

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  • Use star code Fgteev

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  • Gary died that's how sponge got infected

    Sumana DoluiSumana Dolui7 kun oldin
  • It’s blue

    Luca TubeLuca Tube8 kun oldin
  • Is not purple

    Luca TubeLuca Tube8 kun oldin
  • In Roblox

    Luca TubeLuca Tube8 kun oldin
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  • I LOVE YOU GUYS FGTEEV IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rory HoltRory Holt10 kun oldin
  • Girly is DAEd

    Mai AbdallahMai Abdallah10 kun oldin
  • What is this game

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  • FGTeeV

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  • FGeeV

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  • Un .l..l...l.ololioilo..lo.ol.o,”kill,

    Melvin OwensMelvin Owens15 kun oldin
  • I’m gunna play doggy’s funeral

    Kristi HarrisKristi Harris16 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe I forgot to sub

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  • i love fgteev but is sponge i can't play game sponge

    Titin NirmalasariTitin Nirmalasari16 kun oldin
  • Hdhdhbdg

    Ali HaidarAli Haidar17 kun oldin
  • Fgteev play more sponge chapter 4 and 5

    Mohmed Rehan LalaMohmed Rehan Lala17 kun oldin
  • PGGY.

    Adam DorrAdam Dorr19 kun oldin
  • That game is so weird

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  • can you play bendy i mise you play bendy and freddy

    Vlad 2Vlad 221 kun oldin
  • Blue dogs. Is in a lot of duddy's game plays

    Carli CarnesCarli Carnes22 kun oldin
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  • Is Michael okay from the solar eclipse

    Nelson GuzmanNelson Guzman26 kun oldin
  • E

    Lovely KLovely K26 kun oldin
  • Another video spongy check the files came out but first do you wanna video of chapter 4 and then chapter 5

    Louise RogersLouise Rogers27 kun oldin
  • And if you're saying why make a video about it because that was me and if you call me crazy then😥😥😓😓😓😓😓😿😿

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    • Hi funnel vision

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  • And if you did can you make a video about it

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  • Have you seen a guy named Sonic in Among Us

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  • Daisys I am 5coronation street and fingerprint scanner and what

    June EatonJune Eaton27 kun oldin
  • Fgteev play sponge chapter 4 and 5

    Daniel SantoyoDaniel Santoyo27 kun oldin
  • Fgteev sponge chapter 5 is out

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  • Fgteev dad saying the blue color is purple I fell bad

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  • Me watching this in 2020 and 3 months later

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  • hi uwu

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  • I’m not colorblind but the pink keys kind of look the same color

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  • Tell us the truth are you faking your color blindness

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  • Can u play adopt me plzzz

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  • Play sponge chapter 4 go play some sponge chapter 5

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  • im a big fan

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  • Cool but I can’t play Roblox

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  • FGTeeV i love your videos

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  • There also a game like you fgteev

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  • dis vid is lil funny

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  • Do you know the starcode

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  • But wheres the starcode in roblox

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  • You are filipino

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  • Don't be killed by sponge

    Sh'Kira Moore-CarterSh'Kira Moore-CarterOy oldin
  • Ha spongebob exe is killing ME right guy but it's a little weird lol lol lo l o l

    Sh'Kira Moore-CarterSh'Kira Moore-CarterOy oldin
  • I

    Cyne-Burh MalloryCyne-Burh MalloryOy oldin
  • 2pm

    Ramil DanaoRamil DanaoOy oldin
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  • The new version of this is the first app that I’ve ever used to have a good time app I love this game I just wish there were a little bit more levels and I could get the stars on it haha was a great app and it is so much better app that you have a lot more to choose which is great and ty thas was t I tam t to me because you are not a great friend of my family I love to be able and to see

    Valerie FoleyValerie FoleyOy oldin
    • Valerie Foley q

      Matthew AllgauerMatthew AllgauerOy oldin
  • Spongi killed the pig and he turned into a pig

    Fatima AlmansouriFatima AlmansouriOy oldin
  • Spongi's teeth is sharp and his eyes is looking around

    Fatima AlmansouriFatima AlmansouriOy oldin