ROBLOX PIGGY but in OUR HOUSE! Escape the FGTeeV House Tour! (CUSTOM Build Mode Map)

7-Iyl, 2020
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PIGGY is in our House in ROBLOX! Thumbs up for the GREATEST LEVEL EVER!!!
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  • There’s a Halloween event in piggy and 1 new skin and trap u can get by finding them

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  • Fgteev can you play amoung us again becose There is a Halloween updated

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  • Fgteev can you play fnaf 3

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  • Hi fgteev UZworld channel I am your biggest fan is my first time I'm talking to you and pay you a message I saw your book at Target is very cool you and I heard you say you're going to make a part through reboost I can't wait to see it but I am really your biggest fan and I watched you every time every single day UZworld family but your dad ever people don't like you that fgteev Dad they will love you good night

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  • but ur game is not woking is saying this game is stoping

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  • I love this game, it's so morbid, kinda feels-endusing, and pretty complex! Keep up the good work, Minitoon!

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