ROBLOX PIGGY Distorted Memory! George's Robot Dino Escape! (FGTeeV Bonus B4 Chapter 12 #64)

11-May, 2020
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OMG Peeples!! Piggy CHAPTER 12 is almost here! Our PIGGY Song is Almost here! But, you know what is HERE, now?? The DISTORTED MEMORY Bonus Chapter! We start off playing Chapter 6 with Parasee Pig but then the Distorted Map came out in the middle of filming so we switched gears and BEAT it! It wasn't easy though! Thumbs up for PIGGY or you'll turn into one!!!
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This video features new Daisy Donkey Pig, Memory Pig, Parasee Pig, George Pig & Poley Piggy from the Jailbreak Heist in the Chapter 10 the Mall Update
Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
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  • WASSSUP, wazzup, Whaststuspspp!!!?? Sooooo... We started to record a Chapter 6 video and BAM, in the middle of it, Bonus Chapter DISTORTED MEMORY came out! That's at 8:40 in the vid by the way! Anyways, STAY Tuned... This Saturday a PIGGY Music Video is dropping!!! Ohh Snappp!!! Hit that BELL to make sure you get notified! :)

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  • Hey FGTeeV I'm A Big Fan And Can You Go Into Piggy Build Tommorow At 10AM And Make A T.S.P. Lab Because I Wanna Join One Of Your Build Maps And See You Do You Agree?

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