ROBLOX PIGGY Chapter 12: The Plant! FGTeeV Multiplayer Escape (The End)

27-May, 2020
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Almost the whole fam is in Chapter 12 running from Badgy and Robot Mr. P at the plant. We escape and get the true ending... sike. Maybe we'll try again because we actually got the good ending. Thumbs up for Piggy and the developer Mini Toon making this awesome game. Can't wait for the next ultimate game mode!!
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  • Mike sucks! BOOOOOOO

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  • If he knows how the blue keys real colour is then how are you colour blind

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  • Me and Chase is the boss B O S S

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  • Slime went in my mouth when he said “butter finger”

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  • U guys need to go to mr.p in the end to get secret ending

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  • Can you do glitches

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  • Lex is soo beautiful

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  • And if he’s bullet hit someonebody they won,t die even if you get hit by it.

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  • If you ever get true ending go t o piggy shop then go to the last stuff then you will have mr p if you won true ending

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  • There is some halloween skins in piggy check it out fgteev it is so cool the other one is pump piggy in the other one is crow piggy the other one is mister stitchy

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