ROBLOX KITTY meets MINECRAFT SPONGEBOB! FGTeeV Escapes Chapter 5 (1 Million Giveaway)

1-Okt, 2020
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FGTeeV visits the Bro Sponge Map in Roblox KITTY & defeats this Minecraft Style Chapter 5! Thanks for Watching Us as crazy as we are. You guys are awesome, especially when u 👍 :)
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  • There’s now a secret ending for chapter 5 first step in the building near the krusty krab in it will be a crowbar and near it there will be a red key in the back of the krusty krab there’s a cabinet use the crowbar to open the cabinet in the cabinet there will be a blue key also in the back of the krusty krab there will be a chest with a red lock on it use the red key on it then in it there will be the glass part of a magnifying glass then in sponge bobs house there will be another chest with a blue lock on it use the blue key on it and in it will a frame for a magnifying glass then in Sandy’s rocket there will be another cabinet use the lock pick on it then in it will be a handle for a magnifying glass then go into squid wards house there will be a work bench put all of the items on it then you’ll get a magnifying glass escape with the magnifying glass in you’re hand then you’ll get the secret ending

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