PIGGY Book 2: Trolling Robloxians & Bots in Alley's (FGTeeV Funny Roblox Gameplay)

22-Sen, 2020
4 624 215 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Luke has all of your shirts in only have one in your shirts. :)

    Emily SmithEmily Smith2 soat oldin
  • ㅤ 👁 👁 👃 👄

    •Kaden uploadz••Kaden uploadz•2 soat oldin
  • I am trying to add you

    Jorge TobarJorge Tobar2 soat oldin
  • Lsllsoxlsoss

    Paul PenningtonPaul Pennington5 soat oldin
  • 1asyrgjmm double

    Paul PenningtonPaul Pennington5 soat oldin
  • I didnt expect fgteev to use a meme that swears- even tho its only the "suprise" part

    the 1st NAHMEHLAH simp stickminthe 1st NAHMEHLAH simp stickmin6 soat oldin
  • can you please play playing with me

    Selloane OliphantSelloane Oliphant6 soat oldin
  • Guess what day is it It is tralling day get it instead of trolling day I said tralling day hahahahahahahaha

    sidahmed abbassidahmed abbas6 soat oldin
  • KFC TV my name is Ashley can you do something for me play Roblox Minecraft

    Ashlei TaylorAshlei TaylorKun oldin
  • KFC TV why don't you do stuff that you're you're your friend ask you to huh why don't you

    Ashlei TaylorAshlei TaylorKun oldin
  • Me too

    Apollo & Farrah LawrenceApollo & Farrah LawrenceKun oldin
  • Ohhh

    Apollo & Farrah LawrenceApollo & Farrah LawrenceKun oldin
  • Is it just me but sometimes when he does a voice he sounds like donkey ing shriek

    Olivia Grace TribbettOlivia Grace TribbettKun oldin
  • Idk. Why did duddy troll people ?

    Tyrese WilliamsTyrese WilliamsKun oldin
  • Jk

    shannonnoel83shannonnoel83Kun oldin
  • Bruh

    shannonnoel83shannonnoel83Kun oldin
  • Baby

    shannonnoel83shannonnoel83Kun oldin
  • Pepperoni

    shannonnoel83shannonnoel83Kun oldin
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

    shannonnoel83shannonnoel83Kun oldin
  • Then you’re stupid

    shannonnoel83shannonnoel83Kun oldin
  • There is a new skins in piggy

    Robb SzybistyRobb SzybistyKun oldin
  • Play piggy in build mode or drive a car

    Bled CurriBled CurriKun oldin
  • Ive watched u since ski lander thing

    The Purple NinjaThe Purple NinjaKun oldin
  • Did you see sketch in the row 7 of 6

    Khalid WellingtonKhalid WellingtonKun oldin
  • I’m bad at playing piggy! •_• -_-

    lucky pennylucky pennyKun oldin
  • I have beat allys one time ive never played on the store chapter two

    Ginger PommellGinger PommellKun oldin
  • Hey fgteev heres some /e emotes and /e dance , /e dance2 , /e dance3 , /e point , /e wave , /e cheer thats all i know :3

    Ashlee Brielle ReyesAshlee Brielle ReyesKun oldin
  • Are you really color blind???

    Rina AertsRina AertsKun oldin
  • Fgteev play bullet force

    Rory RichardRory RichardKun oldin
  • So funny

  • Your name is what

  • Yes

  • Fgteev what are you playing roblox piggy with s

    Double RDouble RKun oldin
  • Fgteev is not actually colorblind bc on his video the eating challenge, he picked a color and he knew what color it was and he bought the riht color and if his colorblind he will get the wrong color

    Soberano Elijah the Cruisan :3Soberano Elijah the Cruisan :3Kun oldin
  • /e wave, /e cheer and more

    Dane GaliciaDane GaliciaKun oldin
  • Pizza

    The piggy gangThe piggy gang2 kun oldin
  • Hey I can't I when I use the star code I can get robux

    Fernando TrujilloFernando Trujillo2 kun oldin
  • Rorie that's what my name is my name is Loriand you say my name is Rory and you can see it right there right there I know that's the wrong spell but it's right there on the front but anyway I'm a big old fan of you and I watch your videos all the time with can you take a picture of something or come to our house if you know where we live please don't scare was pleasepetula grey fan so I mean I'm a great fan so would you please come and Port me to channel 😭😽😀🤔✌️

    Lenore ElmoreLenore Elmore2 kun oldin
  • What happened to sharky on your Roblox skin

    Samantha RamirezSamantha Ramirez2 kun oldin
  • I play on iPad so I can’t turn into a BUTT

    Demon GirlDemon Girl2 kun oldin
  • What does fgteev stand for?

    Demon GirlDemon Girl2 kun oldin
  • Did you see schech?

    Valentina CortijoValentina Cortijo2 kun oldin
  • You said results not tipercult

    Leonard DeWoolfsonLeonard DeWoolfson2 kun oldin

    Leonard DeWoolfsonLeonard DeWoolfson2 kun oldin
  • Aragge

    Hacienda RayHacienda Ray2 kun oldin
  • Rearanch

    Hacienda RayHacienda Ray2 kun oldin
  • how do i join

    jaffer khokherjaffer khokher2 kun oldin
  • hi

    jaffer khokherjaffer khokher2 kun oldin
  • I saw you in among us I'm detective

    sasi kumarsasi kumar2 kun oldin

    Creative PoptartCreative Poptart2 kun oldin
    • I like ya cut'g

      doggy_official _playzdoggy_official _playzKun oldin
  • I never escape alleys

    the boy lost at forestthe boy lost at forest2 kun oldin
    • Me too sometimes

      GaryGaryKun oldin
    • Hi

      Brianna MitchellBrianna MitchellKun oldin
    • Same I wish I could though XD

      DJthehybrid_TVDJthehybrid_TVKun oldin
  • Play Among us plz😉

    Jeremiah HermosoJeremiah Hermoso2 kun oldin
  • There’s piggy build mode browser it means we can go to people server but it’s hard

    wynzyr Bings Bynxwynzyr Bings Bynx2 kun oldin
  • tolll troll

    LIKE mE oFfLIKE mE oFf2 kun oldin
  • 3:45

    Dj and ChloeDj and Chloe2 kun oldin
  • Why do you use the toilet without closing the door

    Zizzy the zebraZizzy the zebra2 kun oldin
  • Kitty chaP 6 is oUt 🙊🙉🎮

    Peter HummelPeter Hummel3 kun oldin
  • My cousin loves to play kitty he plays it everyday

    Sarahi MorenoSarahi Moreno3 kun oldin
  • Hiiiiiii pigge

    Panos TsompanellisPanos Tsompanellis3 kun oldin
  • noob

    Liam MartinosLiam Martinos3 kun oldin
  • BRUH

    Anna JagodaAnna Jagoda3 kun oldin
  • Did u guys see tag on hes beany

    Maria CruzMaria Cruz3 kun oldin
  • U should play Minecraft again

    Tinnetale13Tinnetale133 kun oldin
  • Tyler5 Tyler5

    Kelly BarlowKelly Barlow3 kun oldin
  • that wave is /e wave do it in the chat

    Henrique SáHenrique Sá3 kun oldin
  • Or 1

    Katey LouKatey Lou3 kun oldin
  • I'm a huge fan number -1

    Katey LouKatey Lou3 kun oldin

    Arethia SmithArethia Smith3 kun oldin
  • FGTEEV star code is not the worst cuz he gave me 30,000 robux

    Ta'Kaiya CornellTa'Kaiya Cornell3 kun oldin
  • You should try To cut Mics Hair When it gets too long but asked us I have a good idea for Michael🎃Oh and happy Halloween

    Ja MaJa Ma3 kun oldin
  • Wow I know this one

    Okiku KunOkiku Kun3 kun oldin
  • i love fgteev there the best

    Liam ReginaldoLiam Reginaldo3 kun oldin
  • FGTeeV

    Eduardo MartinezEduardo Martinez3 kun oldin
  • i need robux

    the pad gamerthe pad gamer3 kun oldin
  • 🐷🐷

    Franchesca Grace CalaFranchesca Grace Cala3 kun oldin
  • Everybody's worst fear..running out of toilet paper..😰

    Auralee AuraleeAuralee Auralee3 kun oldin
    • Me👉👈🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Douglas IngallsDouglas IngallsKun oldin
  • 12:43

    chryssander mahinaychryssander mahinay3 kun oldin
  • Just saying fgteev star code is the worst on Roblox cuz he didn't even get any money for me

    Alexander MartelAlexander Martel3 kun oldin
    • Nitwit

      Ta'Kaiya CornellTa'Kaiya Cornell3 kun oldin
    • Doofus

      Ta'Kaiya CornellTa'Kaiya Cornell3 kun oldin
  • Please join me at roblox FGTeeV

    amrit kauramrit kaur3 kun oldin
  • If you do not play as every Piggies and you kill people as every Piggies at set for rash or over piggie book 2 characters I will hate you forever and then I will forms down on all your videos fgteev duddy

    Ashley HortonAshley Horton3 kun oldin
  • I a friend fgteev because I love it

    Trish NguyenTrish Nguyen3 kun oldin
  • Starcode FGTEEV

    Addison's Fun Time PageAddison's Fun Time Page3 kun oldin
  • Try do part2

    Ryan RuanRyan Ruan4 kun oldin
  • Yall funny a

    Ariel SandfordAriel Sandford4 kun oldin
  • Hi. Fgteev I have to tell you somethingWhat’s your favorite food my favorite fruits is 🍎

    izel ramirezizel ramirez4 kun oldin

      Joan ValdeabellaJoan Valdeabella3 kun oldin
  • I love. This. Vid

    chris reynoldschris reynolds4 kun oldin
  • Rr

    Armida DelgadoArmida Delgado4 kun oldin
  • DOGGY polícia

    Tatiane CorreiaTatiane Correia4 kun oldin
  • Your FG TV I want to do it because every time I see your channel I subscribe but I want to if you can buy a Lambo Gini in five nights at Freddy‘s two and Mickey Mouse were landing shop junior college I am in Bijan‘s so if you want to light yeah I’m at my grandmas house and I moved into a new house why are you moving to why you won’t go to the airplane that mean will be good so what should the airplane did this channel

    Brandon Sapp jrBrandon Sapp jr4 kun oldin
  • Wait if your color blind go into color blind mode in settings

    Gacha girlGacha girl4 kun oldin
  • Hi fgteev I am biggest fan I subscribe all your video

    sonam wangmosonam wangmo4 kun oldin
  • nice rap

    Alfonso Jino DayoAlfonso Jino Dayo4 kun oldin
  • That was /e wave

    KimBenjamin CalKimBenjamin Cal4 kun oldin
  • Can I have roblox please

    Kyler JaceKyler Jace4 kun oldin
  • Piggy. Sus

    Ami FloresAmi Flores5 kun oldin
  • Hat. Cat

    Ami FloresAmi Flores5 kun oldin
  • Hay. Cat

    Ami FloresAmi Flores5 kun oldin
  • vgbgggggggggggbb

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  • Hi

  • I think the dog said thir and loki

    Martha Blessed And SanctifiedMartha Blessed And Sanctified5 kun oldin