PAPER MARIO COLOR SPLASH SMASH (Should We Play Again or NO WAY!?) - FGTEEV WiiU Level 1 Introduction

8-Okt, 2016
11 180 704 Ko‘rishlar soni

Duddy plays New WIIU Paper Mario (Color Smash)! Do you guys want to see a part 2, it was a bit slow and boring for Duddy but perhaps just because it was the introduction on how to play. Maybe a part 2 would be better? LET US KNOW in the COMMENTS! :)
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  • Do a 3rd part

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  • wait minutes Mario just fall down it's so funny hahaha

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  • I like Mario so much 😍😍😍

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  • thats not toads voice you stupid mortal! >:(

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  • I have played through the whole game and it’s one of my favorite paper Mario games. But I think origami king is slightly better.

    Gamerboy321Gamerboy3216 kun oldin
  • Hey duddy I'm still watching the vid

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  • Hey Duddy Im Still Watching The Vid

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  • Is there a part 3 Color Splash

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  • When does he play again

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    • He’s never gonna the switch came just hope he plays TOK

      J8shua River8J8shua River817 kun oldin
  • This game looks fun

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  • My daughter has watched this atleast 30 times lol

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  • It's like how we australians' call Google uncle Google get it

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  • Who died ther is it to???

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  • mobbo

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  • i like paper mario

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  • Stop talking boy just play the game and shut it

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  • Shout out me please

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  • Duddy: my humor is so lame Me: no it’s not, I love your humor. You made me laugh at the same tone like three times!

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  • duddy im still watching your vid.

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  • Duddy:Turn's camera off for a second. I am mario, l am mario🎵Duddy mom:What are you doing???Duddy: nothing.Duddy mom:You know that I saw what you were doing.Duddy:Fine you saw .duddy mom :um did you put on the camera .Duddy:no.Duddy:hi guys.😨people.👍👍👍👍👍Duddy:Thanks guys. What his devil says:say thanks guys...Duddy:That what I said. What the Devil says:What was I saying again oh ya for the 👍 but you want the money. 🤑Duddy:I say that 👍 are 👍.Devil:fine do it your way .Turn from 😤to😡to🤬to👹DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Duddy:nope.😑😑😑😑plz🥺😨Duddy:no.devil:😰.Duddy:no.devil:😥duddy:no devil:😭duddy:NO!!!!!

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  • Im still watching this now By the way your jokes aren't lame they are really good and you always make me laugh :D

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  • play paper mario the origami king, it is better

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  • You mean this comma? ,

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