I am MR. P in ROBLOX PIGGY! Gaming in an ELEVATOR! (FGTeeV's Chapter 12 Plant TRUE ENDING)

31-May, 2020
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If you want to skip ... TRUE ENDING @ 22:25 & PLAYING as MR. P @ 25:25
So Where do we begin? I UNLOCK & play as the MR. P Skin in ROBLOX PIGGY! It has been a JOURNEY x10 to do this! 1st you have to have EVERY badge unlocked! (see full details below)
However as our SUBS know, we did not play and beat every level in Piggy. So UZworldr, Thinknoodles offered to speed round through all the levels with me that I didn't have badges for.
►Thanks to THINK for HELPING OUT!: uzworld.info
Now, it pains me to put this video out this way without the normal high quality editing we do to our videos, but this video TOOK HOURS and HOURS to record, & edit, lots of things went wrong (on & off camera haha) so I said you know what, it's too late already, the whole world knows about this, let me just wrap it up! When I started recording this vid 1000 people had the TRUE ENDING, when I ended it, 1 MILLION! haha WOW! Anyways, thank you all for reading this, I hope you enjoyed this, it has been the MOST GRIDING gameplay I have had to do in a VERY LONG TIME, maybe EVER! Thanks for that MINITOON! haha (Again, see below on how to UNLOCK Mr. P & the TRUE ENDING)
💲USE ROBLOX STAR CODE: FGTEEV when you buy Robux: www.roblox.com/upgrades/robux
-Have all badges for Chapters 1-12 aka ESCAPE every level (12 has 2 badges, GOOD & BAD ending)
-Play CITY in PLAYER + BOT mode
-Once the gate has been Opened, DON'T LEAVE YET...
-Go to the PURPLE car that has a WHITE tile on the ground, click it ONCE carefully, don't double click or you will lose it, it takes time to obtain it because the game is verifying you have all badges (that's info straight from MINITOON)
-With MS. P picture in your hand, ESCAPE CITY, and now you can unlock the TRUE ENDING
-Now PLAY Chapter 12 the PLANT again
-Once you are able to, walk up to MR. P and BAM, you have TRUE ENDING and the Mr. P PIGGY skin.
-OMGOSH!!!!! WOW!!! THANKS to everyone who helped! Minitoon, Think, Chase, Chase's Friend Abster, Saffire, DJBLue & Osami and whoever else I am missing.
Watch our original Ch.12 Gameplay:
ROBLOX PIGGY Chapter 12: The Plant! FGTeeV Multiplayer Escape (The End)
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