FORTNITE Nexus War! DR. DOOM vs. FGTeeV (Chapter 2 Season 4 First Reaction)

30-Avg, 2020
3 985 745 Ko‘rishlar soni

Y'all been asking... We'll... Now WATCH IT!! haha Thumbs up if I should play again with MIKE!
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  • Nice parking

    Diana SalgadoDiana Salgado3 soat oldin
  • Pls play roblox

    Justin MunozJustin Munoz4 soat oldin
  • Play with me I’m good my name is jcash2000and14

    Jonathan FortmanJonathan Fortman8 soat oldin
  • Me and my cousin are your biggest fans

    Bushra AslamBushra Aslam8 soat oldin
  • what a noob

    The LinxThe Linx9 soat oldin
  • you should turn on visulize sound effects

    Hendrick LiangHendrick Liang9 soat oldin
  • Duddy is a PRO

    Savage KiddSavage Kidd11 soat oldin
  • The gasoline is for cars

    filippo Vaccarofilippo Vaccaro13 soat oldin
  • FGTEEV the pepper makes u run very very fast

    filippo Vaccarofilippo Vaccaro13 soat oldin
  • Fgteev has been a really big fan and I really want to play fortnite with you

    Molly MitchellMolly Mitchell16 soat oldin
  • B.

    yaseen ismailyaseen ismail23 soat oldin
  • waaaaaaaaaa

    Becky OBecky OKun oldin

    hey tyrenhey tyrenKun oldin
  • Apple robot says to drown break it and you can get Mythic

    Abel'n angel XzAbel'n angel XzKun oldin
  • At the store robots if you break a drone and you get a Mystic

    Abel'n angel XzAbel'n angel XzKun oldin
  • Do you know Arthur Stark robots there's drums and if you break those you could possibly get a Mythic

    Abel'n angel XzAbel'n angel XzKun oldin
  • 16:55 𝗵𝗲 𝗰𝘂𝗿𝘀𝗲𝗱

    Not AdrianJhayNot AdrianJhayKun oldin
  • Play more fortnite

    Tony MeadorTony MeadorKun oldin
  • I think you should hire a pro coach

    Jacob SotoJacob SotoKun oldin
  • Coral castle was aqmans home from last season you dof

    Aisha RajaAisha RajaKun oldin
  • Bring more Fortnite pls

    Tyler DOWDELLTyler DOWDELLKun oldin
  • I’m level 84

    Marchy MarchMarchy MarchKun oldin
  • That legendary revolver

    Marchy MarchMarchy MarchKun oldin
    • Ikr

      Mat EpicGamer EpicMat EpicGamer Epic9 soat oldin
  • thoses

    Ky LittleKy LittleKun oldin
  • lets just look at how his level 2 lol and he didnt pick up the revoler its so hard to find thoughs

    Ky LittleKy LittleKun oldin
  • You missed a season

    Logan GamingLogan Gaming2 kun oldin
  • ive never seen someone die in 5 minuets

    Da True JoshDa True Josh2 kun oldin
  • When the water comes out of his mouth it so funny

    shaheen zabairshaheen zabair2 kun oldin
  • Can you add me it

    Victor ThomasVictor Thomas2 kun oldin

    Said Quiroz-VelasquezSaid Quiroz-Velasquez2 kun oldin
  • he is very very very very very doofy

    King NikoKing Niko2 kun oldin
  • Fgteev Mike is better than you in fortnite

    Jay XJay X2 kun oldin
  • Hey bro I’m going to call you fgteev dudy

    Karisa HarpeKarisa Harpe2 kun oldin

    Gabriel the crystal gemGabriel the crystal gem2 kun oldin
    • He said bunky but I thought it said the f word lol

      Brittanie MatzaBrittanie MatzaKun oldin
  • He said the f word

    Master Luckyluc11Master Luckyluc113 kun oldin
  • afk

    Brisen CohenBrisen Cohen3 kun oldin
  • How do you level 48

    Hilary RigginsHilary Riggins3 kun oldin
  • HI!!!!!!!!!!

    niasia wyattniasia wyatt3 kun oldin
  • duddz change your builds keybinds so it's eazy for you to build no hate btw

    obay spiderobay spider3 kun oldin
  • jeff wittek

    Gosik NgGosik Ng3 kun oldin
  • Fgteev I love your videos and this is really really fun

    Will ShifflettWill Shifflett3 kun oldin
  • Fgteev I love you videos

    Will ShifflettWill Shifflett3 kun oldin
  • Noob

    Tyenesha McKnigpTyenesha McKnigp3 kun oldin
  • Stark robots

    Jason WhiteJason White3 kun oldin
  • Your “good building” is just you spamming f3

    Gauge SenterfitGauge Senterfit3 kun oldin
  • You so Bad no hate

    Jup FreemanJup Freeman4 kun oldin

    Ian DurbinIan Durbin4 kun oldin
  • i like you

    Mai Phuong VuMai Phuong Vu4 kun oldin
  • Braxton 🥺👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🦶🦶👣👣👣👣✈️😁😎9

    Alyssa CloptonAlyssa Clopton4 kun oldin

    Sajid ShahpuriSajid Shahpuri4 kun oldin
  • Jo so funni

    Marian TalabaMarian Talaba4 kun oldin
  • That was a legendary revolver

    Kaden AtkinsonKaden Atkinson4 kun oldin
  • Please

    Elijah OchoaElijah Ochoa4 kun oldin
  • My username is dk monkey Man

    Elijah OchoaElijah Ochoa4 kun oldin
  • Can I send you a invite

    Elijah OchoaElijah Ochoa4 kun oldin
  • Bababoi

    VinceTylerTVVinceTylerTV5 kun oldin
  • g

    Ken ReisdorfKen Reisdorf5 kun oldin
  • I have a channel is my name

    JesusGod 4915JesusGod 49155 kun oldin
  • He got to do that

    JesusGod 4915JesusGod 49155 kun oldin
  • Like I can build so fast and edit

    JesusGod 4915JesusGod 49155 kun oldin
  • Beter

    JesusGod 4915JesusGod 49155 kun oldin
  • And he needs to learn to build

    JesusGod 4915JesusGod 49155 kun oldin

    sweetmelissakpsweetmelissakp5 kun oldin
  • At 1:57 it’s funny how he didn’t pick up the gold revolver

    Logan CiprianoLogan Cipriano5 kun oldin
    • ikr lol

      Ky LittleKy LittleKun oldin
  • nono U ni u kang u ni fo ken

    lorD ejaNlorD ejaN5 kun oldin
  • I'm Level 100

    Tracy HoltTracy Holt5 kun oldin
  • You are sooo bad at fortnite

    PlantsVsZombies and MinecraftPlantsVsZombies and Minecraft5 kun oldin
  • 🙂 stop 😡stop I’m dead serious I am married

    Neon KingNeon King5 kun oldin
  • He said THE F WORD

    Jodie JarvisJodie Jarvis5 kun oldin
  • Initial

    Reflection SalonReflection Salon6 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Chris CooperChris Cooper6 kun oldin
  • I am galacdus

    Olly HearnOlly Hearn6 kun oldin
  • FGTEEV👍😂

    Mohamed ilyasMohamed ilyas6 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂🥰🥰

    Mohamed ilyasMohamed ilyas6 kun oldin
  • Me when I first started fortnight

    Jack CritzJack Critz6 kun oldin
  • not to make you look bad but me and my little sister hoo is 5 we get ike 8 or 7 and sometimes 12 kills in one game and a victory

    Eli PrimeapeEli Primeape6 kun oldin
  • I have Fortnite i realy good

    Long NguyenLong Nguyen6 kun oldin
  • Can you add me my user is THEKOOLKID112 please

    jayden bingjayden bing6 kun oldin
  • Bruh don’t know galactuse bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!,,!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Juan Rafael AlejandroJuan Rafael Alejandro6 kun oldin
  • Go somewhere that you can find Thors hammer I forgot the name where his hammer is but I have it and you can give it to

    Stephen JrStephen Jr6 kun oldin
  • Since he never looted the henchman who guarded the vault they each have LMG and ammo.

  • Sctv I view in 1v1 I can literally be because you are literally about about my party ok but you are going to get destroyed

    younis012 fortniteyounis012 fortnite6 kun oldin
  • Did I nobody is jealous of you

    Brayden BrownBrayden Brown6 kun oldin

    skye is the best ?skye is the best ?6 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Fortnite LegendFortnite Legend6 kun oldin
  • your tasrt

    alexandra materaalexandra matera7 kun oldin
  • I'm level 81 level 2 is nothing compared to my level dudz

    Sixto CantareroSixto Cantarero7 kun oldin
  • Can you add me on fortnight maxm142 is my username

    Maximiliano Mendoza Perez - WVE StudentMaximiliano Mendoza Perez - WVE Student7 kun oldin
  • Yea

    Thomas HannaThomas Hanna7 kun oldin
  • Laurie OQuinnLaurie OQuinn7 kun oldin
  • lets go mike

    Elias SilvaElias Silva7 kun oldin
  • haha nob i dont care you can cry

    Jayden PadillaJayden Padilla7 kun oldin
  • Play more fortnite

    Orlaigh BuckleyOrlaigh Buckley7 kun oldin
  • Noob

    Zain MohammedZain Mohammed7 kun oldin
  • Can we play duos sometime fgteev duddy?

    Logan GamingLogan Gaming7 kun oldin
  • play little big snake

    tony merritttony merritt7 kun oldin
  • Fgteev play fortnite there is a Halloween season in fortnite

    Vertex YTVertex YT7 kun oldin
  • Bro I. Can 1v1 you me epic: noobofthecontrey. I don’t have mic but I still win

    PowerKidPowerKid7 kun oldin
    • Y'all fortnite players are so selfish entitled y'all are probably like 7 😂

      Official Banana DuckOfficial Banana Duck7 kun oldin
    • 1v1 one mi I have the renagede skin you. dont. Beliveme ad me blackye3235

      Alex ContrerasAlex Contreras7 kun oldin
    • I'll 1v1 you

      Orlaigh BuckleyOrlaigh Buckley7 kun oldin
  • When it it west

    Lucas BurdickLucas Burdick7 kun oldin
  • baby

    Jeanio JamisonJeanio Jamison7 kun oldin