FALL GUYS: Wacky Victory Royale Game (FGTeeV Ultimate Knockout Challenge)

13-Avg, 2020
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Finally, a Battle Royale Game that I actually have a chance to win! Thumbs up if we want a Squads Mode! 🔔SUBSCRIBE or Fall ➡ bit.ly/1KKE2f1 (Press the 🔔 ONLY if you watched at least 3 seconds of this video) 🛒Get FGTeeV Merch here ➡ shop.fgteev.com
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  • When will you get 750k members in roblox group?

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    • My name is on roblox shaheerali2012

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    • Oh fgteev heve coll video

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    • Fgeev i am a fan

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  • Do part 2 :)))

    Azwar PlaysFortniteAzwar PlaysFortniteKun oldin

    Chaunte' BenekinChaunte' BenekinKun oldin
  • He said 40 first

    Christopher GarciaChristopher Garcia3 kun oldin
  • Play fort

    Vincenzo NoceVincenzo Noce4 kun oldin
  • Play fall Guys 2

    Amanda BleerAmanda Bleer5 kun oldin
  • I think there is a new sonic skin

    Ana DiazAna Diaz5 kun oldin
  • Season 2 of Fall guys is out on steam because there was really straight now at my house

    sgt blyatsgt blyat6 kun oldin
  • Wtf it so cool :3

    sunnygirl 123sunnygirl 1236 kun oldin
  • good 1 dudz

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    • 😍😍😍 Yes

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    • Hey 👋

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    • W

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  • Help me fgteev

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  • >:(

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  • I'm in his roblox group

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  • Press square

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  • Ok

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  • Ok 😁😁

    It's Me DanieIt's Me Danie8 kun oldin
  • Can you play Fall guys but in roblox?

    Emily Caroline Ananta :3Emily Caroline Ananta :38 kun oldin
  • Bro, u are super corny but, ur pretty good at gaming.

    Luca PlaysLuca Plays8 kun oldin
  • Fgteev duddz: They are sooo cute! Google: look at their bones

    Maria Sheena BernasMaria Sheena Bernas8 kun oldin
  • My star code is 12345 Safa when you’re playing Minecraft

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  • watching you is like a new form of torture.

    Jack the vr guyJack the vr guy9 kun oldin
  • I love your vids

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  • I play fgteev on a roblox

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  • I love fgteev vodeo

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  • Subscribe to fgteev

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  • If you're color-blind how do you know you're on blue

    teresa Pendletonteresa Pendleton10 kun oldin
  • Yep to the comment under me also:was that you better get that outer here a reference to dang Matt smith??

    Lol Socksfor1fan1Lol Socksfor1fan110 kun oldin
  • “I wanna fruit ninja these fruits so bad” *Flashback to 2014*

    Soup CanSoup Can10 kun oldin
    • Soup Can how do you make a white and thick font like that

      Emily LeEmily Le5 kun oldin
  • Why dos fgteev says the same word every time

    shawn poindextershawn poindexter11 kun oldin
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  • Give me robux I don't have robux

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  • That joke was so funny.

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  • Shut up santa

    William LettelleirWilliam Lettelleir14 kun oldin
  • omgggggg the wennir peiner wonnnnnnnnnnnnn nooooooooooo

    Maria UbaldMaria Ubald14 kun oldin
  • Duddy:that stinking werner Duddy:HE'S KECHING UP Duddy: :)

    Vitto Zahran FaridziVitto Zahran Faridzi14 kun oldin
  • Can you please play more fall guys

    Your boy ScorpionYour boy Scorpion14 kun oldin
  • I joined ur group pls give me robux

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  • Am ready

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  • The hot dog one was me

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  • Alllll righttttt

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  • I’m having trouble getting on fall guys can you please help me??

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  • ILL buy fallguys tomorrow

    ur mom with snacksur mom with snacks16 kun oldin
  • Duddy : *cringes* Me : ok your under one subscribers and its your mom you just got roasted and your cringe

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  • i love fall guys

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  • Really wish Fall Guys was on Xbox :(

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  • can you play fall guys agnen

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  • Thank you for the gameplay

    Jean Carlos PenaJean Carlos Pena17 kun oldin
  • I laughed when he said wop that a$$ lol

    Susan ParkesSusan Parkes17 kun oldin
  • you always make a dumb joke and stupid accents and if make a dumb joke again you have to rename your channel to poopyteev

    Alan GamerAlan Gamer17 kun oldin
  • But plese play frag

    Ayah HameidAyah Hameid17 kun oldin
  • Haw

    Ayah HameidAyah Hameid17 kun oldin
  • game of thrones season 8

    Janice MeroJanice Mero17 kun oldin
  • Dehydrated change in the United cheese 🧀

    oscar felixoscar felix17 kun oldin
  • I've been watching this chanel for 6 years 😁🤗🥳

    makayla keenswykmakayla keenswyk17 kun oldin
  • Santa: HO HO HO Duddy: SHUT UP SANTA!!!

    nightcore nyan catnightcore nyan cat18 kun oldin
  • fall fuys

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  • Can you play it with the fam

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  • I’m subscriber

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  • i subscribed you

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  • i play tate game

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  • Lol although I never thought that you would be playing this (no afence)

    John WajszczykJohn Wajszczyk19 kun oldin
  • #2 ist ein schönes und die beste Lösung für die Leute die es gut finden und sich auch mal wieder mit einem anderen treffen wollen und dann die Leute fragen ob sie auch die Möglichkeit hätten sich mit ihr in Kontakt aufzunehmen oder sie mir mitzuteilen zu melden oder mich per Email zu kontaktieren oder um eine Bestätigung über die

    Adhithyan SathiyaseelanAdhithyan Sathiyaseelan19 kun oldin
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  • Guys remember when rick sed fgteev duddz needs his kids to run the channel and look 2.6 million viewers in the video with no kidz

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  • i won fall guys before

    tayesha cadoretayesha cadore20 kun oldin
  • Pc is better than ps4

    xlord 2 and sonicxlord 2 and sonic20 kun oldin
  • My fan

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  • I have Fall guys

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  • Hey Fgteev I used star code FGTEEV

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  • My man fgteev do you have corona

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  • You should make a wibit drink squishy in your merch.

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  • Uhm im 7 and my dad and brother hav fall guys my brother waa calling the players names but i nevver got a chanes to play fall guys beacus my sis plays it my sis is 4

    Its BigchungusIts Bigchungus22 kun oldin
  • Hi fgteev

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  • He’s not colour blind If he was he would not of said blue

    Let’s play GamesLet’s play Games23 kun oldin
    • He can see shades, he doesn't just see grey or something. He can see colors he just can't tell the difference between colors and stuff.

      Beast Mode VidsBeast Mode Vids21 kun oldin
  • Your Vids are soo funny

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  • slurpee

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  • It was so irritating when he wouldn't jump and kept falling

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  • When ever you have watched this Chanel for 6+ years and your so happy you did teehee

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    • Nice!

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    • Yesssssssww

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    • Same lol

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    • Fgteev

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  • If you are innocent you survive and if you are sheriff then you kill the murderer and if you are the murder you kill everyone in the game and if you want you can collect coins

    Argelia MartinezArgelia Martinez23 kun oldin
  • Play Roblox type in murder mystery it will pop up

    Argelia MartinezArgelia Martinez23 kun oldin
  • I got fro a video your a nood til you get a crown

    Herbert BryantHerbert Bryant23 kun oldin
  • Can you play brawl stars

    Vitore QafaVitore Qafa24 kun oldin
  • 1:31

    Ivana GažićIvana Gažić24 kun oldin
  • 1:32

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  • Add me fgteev plese🥺user:swaggysleder12345 🥺🥺

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