21-Mar, 2020
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Michael Jackson is even more Terrifying Now in Chapter 2! Thumbs up for Escape the Ayuwoki w/ my Mom! Watch Ayuwoki 2: uzworld.info/player/video/qY3ajseVhs2rgaI &
Ayuwoki 1: uzworld.info/player/video/iJ23htiOYs_aY6I
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

  • The Ayuwoki is an internet meme revolving around the late Michael Jackson. It has originated as a Spanish-speaking Creepypasta story being a deliberate misspelling of the lyrics "Annie, are you okay?" from Michael's signature song "Smooth Criminal".

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    • So its not him but he knows michael jacksons signature "Hee-Hee" so they put it in there

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  • This how many people thinks FGEETV knows momo⬇️

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  • Jeez this game is scary, mainly the ? Uh mainly the guy who kills u right ?

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  • 20:31 what the...

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    • This video liked but Fgteev duddy Scare of the Game but I'm scared to

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  • The reason you kept dieing is because when you talk to the mic he can hear you and come oofing you

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  • Why did Shawn disrespect the king of pop

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  • my mom and dad get annoyed from you but i still watch you XD

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  • That's not what Michael jackson looks like now this is scaring me to death😰

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  • I feel like duddy makes.... *S A N S P U N S*

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  • Okay can i mention when Shawn stretched his face, it shows the scene form "Is It Scary" with Michael Jackson?? Ps. the year was 1993 when they made it

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  • The new is little saree

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  • spooky that door part were they talk is wereid

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  • I don't care how old I am, I have read that book about a million times, it's so good

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  • That was I new update that my friend in school said to me

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  • I love 💓 gys!! U gys are so funny 😆 and amazing 👏.. watching ur videos from 3 yrs including chase’s corner

  • I like the classic hoo end hee hee end the moonwalk from mj

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  • Don't mess with Michael Jackson

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  • The thumbnail is just flat out disrespectful idc what was going on in your ADHD mind when you thought this was a good idea this is one of the reasons that I stopped watching the game (and the meme) is already very disrespectful to a man who just wanted to give but the thumbnail that's just not move at all idc if you make one of your clickbait videos on this comment or if I get hate from you 3 year old fan base I hate your channel it would make the world a better place if you and your dumb (cash farm) channels out of here

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  • What do u mean of the book??

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  • I was scared because his face is like a puppy dog

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  • I think you always walk upstairs like a ghost

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  • I cried and was scared when he threw the rat because I have a mouse and a rat as a pet. IM WEIRD OKAY I LiKE CUTE ANIMALS

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  • Michael Jackson died alot fo yreas a go

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  • I love your videos pls keep it going by the way I have your book it’s amazing.

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  • I was born an hour after micheal Jackson died

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  • I want you to play roblox next and then you play

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  • I got the volcano so that I love it LOL because it's because I love it

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  • Michael Jackson

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  • you know that when you spitted on your own chin thats not spitting thats drooling

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  • The Lord of Jemus.

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    • Kaleb Stansberry now he is

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    • he's old nah

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  • Shawn:ill kill you in the death Me:hes already dead shawn.🤔

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  • C.C./crying child/Chris afton:why did you do this to me:(

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  • Micheal afton:father it’s me michael I did it I found it it was right where you said it would be I found her I put her back to gether I set her free

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  • Liz/Eli:lizzy/Elizabeth afton:daddy why won’t you let me go play with her?

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    • 4th day

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  • Ballora/Clara:why do you hide?

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  • William afton:she can dance she can sing

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  • Spring trap:I always come back

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    • U mean afton

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  • Foxy:ye play with fire and sometimes ye get burned

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  • I bought your book this day and it’s awesome no regrets one bit

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  • im.so.sacird

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