AMONG US: Stream Sniping DanTDM the Imposter [🔴LIVE] Youtuber Collab #2 (FGTeeV Sus)

3-Okt, 2020
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A whole lotta SUS goes down in this vid lol including me watching DanTDM's stream to try and cheat to win! No one will ever trust me but thanks for trying DAN. Thumbs up for the FAMILY playing AMONG US next time!
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  • wait you know Gloom and laurenZside???

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  • fee gee

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  • Omg I watch all the UZworldrs that are playing

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  • Thanks God that everyone don't know the chance,!!😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

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  • (No homo) don’t sorry no one loves you I do your the best you tuber

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  • He just put the vegan teacher behind him xD 1:27

  • 16:30 Some UZworld’s be like: *hand signal* *hand signal*

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  • It’s not his fault because all of you... aRe DuM

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  • im 12

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  • The fact that duddy cheats is deserving of a dislike

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  • I can't believe itfgtv get it but that's fine

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  • Wow I remember watching fgteev and now I'm watching them again bc of danTDM

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  • Bro think and Dan are my top favorite youtubers

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  • im such a big fan even my brother and we love your vids so much my name in amung us is medhanye and my brothers name is bear cool :)))))))))

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  • 21:35 just for content 😆

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  • everyone :FEE-GEE

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  • 22:21 did anyone notice that was sssniperwolf?

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  • I see cap

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  • Who just said "i smell cap"

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  • you are not dumbbbb

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  • 21:18-2135 that was close feegee

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  • Do you still play roblox

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  • 1:53 WAT

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  • First vidoe with comments

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  • love the collaboration with other youturbers

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  • U cheater

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  • I'm such a big fan of gloom

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  • Fgteev : only ninety percent of people can read this Me : thinking that my phone is glitching

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  • Im not color blind but i do pay atten sion even for 1 second

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  • Do more plsss u are my favorite and their my favorite it was awesome talk some more tho and can u do a collab with Laurenzside LDShadowLady pr gloom? Their awesome

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  • where’s dans comment about the cheating XD

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  • Ya know fgteev duds its better to self report (I think ;-;)

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  • 2:40 RIP think

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  • but i thought he was color blind.. - ☆ OnO ☆

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    • It won’t effect the colors of the wires, though.

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  • All ya youtubers i watch

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  • I felt like I couldn't even watch this video because I felt guilty for stream sniping even though I wasn't the one stream sniping!

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  • This man was my childhood and I still watch him still keep up the great content fgteev

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